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Innovations In Educational Leadership

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8 - 9 November 2018


Wish More Hotel - Istanbul, Turkey


70 seats


6 specialized speakers

About the Conference

The conference is part of a series of international conferences held by Member Organizations of William Glasser International, Inc. around the world. This edition of the conference is set to present the concept of Quality of Life in the field of education and aims to share the best practices in "Educational Development", "Educational Leadership Performance" and "the development of an effective educational environment within learning institutions", centers and schools. This is carried out by presenting the best frameworks and practices of the Choice Theory as well as choice-based leadership frameworks and their methods of practice within educational bodies and institutions, particularly in the Arab region. This will be accomplished in collaboration with a number of experts within the William Glasser International Institute, Inc. Member Organizations in Canada, Colombia, Morocco and North Africa. Participants will be provided with resources, materials, and other supportive tools, which are all offered in both English and Arabic. During this conference, we will aim to present a serious systematic and pragmatic dialogue to broaden the horizons and provide options in developing the educational leadership within the Arab world. We will also work on exchanging experiences among all our participants. Our goal is to target the central mainstay for the development and improvement of nations: The Educated Person.

Establishing the scientific and practical foundations of Choice theory, and its applications in personal and educational development

Empowering the participants with the concepts and practices of Choice Theory in the field of education and leadership

Providing participants with the basics of applying Quality of Life in schools and in educational institutions

Presenting the frameworks of the educational leadership practices in the perspective of Choice Theory

Presenting the international best practices in applying Choice Theory and the concept of Quality of Life in schools and in educational institutions.

Education Programs’ Managers and Coordinators at the organizations.

Teachers and Education Providers.

Education Professionals.

Protection professionals.

Psychologists and Psychosocial Supporters.

Social Workers.

Individuals and leaders who are interested in personal development programs.

A certificate of attendance issued by William Glasser International in the field of “Quality of Life” in Educational Leadership.

Programme resources, materials and tools in both English and Arabic.

The conference will be conducted in two languages: English and Arabic.

Conference Schedule

Leadership and Systems

System of Beliefs [Adaptation of Dilts Model] • Main Framework: The Window of Certainty • Reducing Fear and Its Implications for Learning • Conditions of Real Change • Success Connections


Registration Fees

  A certificate of attendance issued by William Glasser – Turkey, in the field of “Quality of Life”, highlighting the Glasser Quality School, in Educational Leadership.
  Acquiring resources, materials and tools
  Attending the conference at a five-star hotel with Two coffee breaks
  Does not cover attendee’s travel or accommodation fees

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